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2talk Cloud Max

Cloud Max provides individual lines that come with unlimited* calling to New Zealand landline and mobile numbers.


The base plan for 2talk Cloud Max is priced at $50 + GST per month. This plan includes 2 Cloud Max Lines.

Additionally, there are various add-ons available for the Cloud Max Plan.

  • Additional Cloud Max Lines @ $25 + GST per user per month per line
  • Bria Softphone for $5.00 + GST per month per line
  • Calls to destinations outside plan @ PAYG retail rates
  • Teams Trunks @ standard pricing
  • 2talk Broadband and Mobile services as per rate card

What’s Included with each Cloud Max Line

 1 x 2talk Cloud Max Regional Number

*Unlimited standard calls to NZ landline and mobile numbers

1 x outbound SIP channel

  • some call features such as call forwarding will utilise the outbound SIP channel when in progress, preventing additional calls

2talk Cloud Max PBX Features - All 2talk Cloud PBX features excluding:

  • Simultaneous Ring

  • My CLI

  • Audio Conferencing

  • Web Conferencing

  • Shared Line Appearance

  • Remote Callback

  • Remote Dialtone

Things to Know

Service requires a Cloud Max Plan with a minimum purchase of 2 Cloud Max Lines

Standard 2talk rates apply for calls outside plan

Cloud Max Lines are the only number type available on a Cloud Max Account

Cloud Max lines that are used for SIP trunking, both registered and peering trunking, will need to be configured for outbound CLI on the PBX. See 'SIP Trunking - Outbound Caller ID' for further details.

*Fair Use Applies - For the avoidance of doubt, fair use of our Business Phone Services excludes activities such as auto-dialling, continuously call forwarding, telemarketing, and call centres or other activities that use our services for commercial gain. For full details see our Terms and Policies