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2talk Holiday Time Schedules

The 2talk Cloud PBX has a holiday time schedule feature to save you having to adjust your time schedules when your business is closed on a day that it is normally open.

When you enable holiday time schedules on your lines or whole account the Cloud PBX features that rely on your set time schedules will also check to see if there are any holidays defined for the line and/or account.

By default 2talk pre populates NZ public holidays and the days that they are observed on. The feature also has the option to set custom holidays for the line or account.

The custom holidays can be used for regional holidays or ad-hoc days when the business is closed. 

How does it work?

If enabled, all features that use time schedules will also check to see if a holiday is enabled for the line or account. If a holiday if found then features that use the during hours time schedules will not trigger due to the holiday and likewise features that use the outside of hours time schedule will trigger at all times during the holiday since the holiday makes it outside of hours.

Example 1:

You have a call queue enabled on a line to queue agents on the time schedule of during business hours set at 8.30am-5pm weekdays. Christmas Day falls on a Monday and a caller rings at 10am (during normal business hours) the 2talk cloud PBX identifies the holiday feature is enabled and the day is a holiday therefore it does not ring the queue agents and follows the outside of hours logic E.g. The call goes to after hours voicemail.

Example 2:

You have an IVR enabled to only play after hours (during hours it rings a hunt group) it's a public holiday in your region so you have configured a custom holiday specifically for this. A caller rings your number during this public holiday which is inside your normal business hours and the hunt group would normally ring. The 2talk cloud PBX identifies the custom holiday and will play the IVR that's configured to play outside of work hours.

Additional Notes:

If adding custom holidays you will need to save these for each year you want the holiday to be implemented. They are not automatically enabled for every year. You can save these many years in advance if you like. The default public holidays are managed by 2talk and are added on a yearly basis for the year in advance.