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2talk Voicemail puts you in control of setting up and accessing your messages from anywhere.

Our standard voicemail features include personal recordings for BUSY and UNAVAILABLE, save, delete, forward and the ability to deliver messages via email and use SMS for notifications (charges apply). 

You can manage your voicemail service in the 2talk web portal.  

Setting Up your Voicemail Greeting 

Option One - Via the 2talk web portal

Select the number you wish to record the voicemail greeting for from the Cloud PBX landing page and then select Voicemail Services from the Inbound Features Menu

You have the option to record your Voicemail Unavailable or Voicemail Busy messages.

Click the relevant link and then enter the number you want 2talk to call you on.  Answer that phone when it rings and then follow the instructions to record and save your greeting.

Option Two - Via a phone once connected to your mailbox

Press '0′ in the main menu to access your voicemail settings then you can select:

'1′ - To setup your unavailable message

'2′ - To setup your busy message

'3′ - To setup your name

'4′ - To setup a temporary greeting (i.e. on vacation for a while)

'5′ - To change your PIN number (instead of using the 2talk Live site)

Press '#' after recording and follow the prompts to listen to the recording and save it if you wish.

Listening to your voicemail

  • From your 2talk Phone - Simply dial *55 from your 2talk phone to access your personal mailbox
  • Voicemail Star Access - Dial your own 2talk number from any phone and wait for it to go to voicemail.  When you start to hear the voicemail greeting press '*' and you will be prompted for your voicemail PIN code (must already be setup) - you will then be able to access your mailbox messages as normal.  You can also setup calling numbers as trusted callers to avoid having to enter a PIN number
  • Via the 2talk Web Portal - You can check your new voicemails by simply logging into 2talk and clicking on the messages tab.
  • Via email - You have the option in the web portal to set up email addresses to forward your voicemail onto.   For the technically minded users you can also connect to our IMAP server (imap.2talk.co.nz) and check your voicemail directly from your email client such as Outlook. Contact support@2talk.co.nz for more details on how to do this.
  • From another 2talk number - first enable the setting "When dialing the voicemail number from a phone ask for the mailbox number" in the voicemail settings screen.  Once enabled when you dial *55 you will be prompted to enter the number of the mailbox you wish to check.
  • Permanently Linking To Another Mailbox -  Use the setting "Send Callers to different mailbox number" under the voicemail settings to link a number to a different mailbox so that when *55 is dialled it goes to that instead. MWI will be for the linked mail box too. 
Main Menu Options
'1′ - Listen to messages in currently selected folder. (new or old messages selected when you first connect)

'2′ - Change your current message folder. ('0′ for new messages, '1′ for old messages, '2′ for work messages, '3′ for family messages, '4′ for friends messages, '#' to cancel)

'3′ - advanced options ('4′ to place an outgoing call)

'0′ - Mailbox options (record greetings and set PIN number)

'*' - Help

'#' - Exit

Menu Options when listening to messages 

'3′ - advanced options ('1′ - send a reply if a 2talk user, '2′ - call the person who left the message, '3′ - listen to the message details, '4′ - to place outgoing call)

'4′ - Go back to the previous message

'5′ - Repeat the current message

'6′ - Play the next message

'7′ - Delete the current message

'8′ - Forward the message to another 2talk mailbox

'9′ - Save the message to a folder ('0′ for new messages, '1′ for old messages, '2′ for work messages, '3′ for family messages, '4′ for friends messages)