Billing Records

You have the ability to search through all your Call Data Records (CDR) billing records, and you can refine your search by; date calls where made, billing period, length and type of call.

Quick Guide

  1. Login into
  2. Select Account > Billing records
  3. Set parameters; calls made before/after, billing period and billing group.
  4. Click Save or Export CSV for billing records.

Note: Use Advance search to tighten your search, to make it easier to find particular billed calls.

CloudPBX CDR records include the following information:

  • Origin- A Party
  • Destination - B Party
  • Service Type - the type of billing record
  • Description - the billing record description - for example the country for international calls
  • Status - shows status of the call - OK is displayed for successful calls
  • Date - date call was made
  • Time - time call attempt was made or record was applied
  • Duration - length of the call in seconds
  • Cost - cost of the call
  • MP3 Status - if the call is recorded you will be able to access the recording in this field within the portal