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Bria Set Up - Purchase from 2talk

Offering great battery and data performance the Bria Softphone is available on desktop and mobile platforms, and offers best-in-class calling.

2talk offer the Bria Enterprise client for $5.95 + GST per month per license.

Your license will offer support for up to 4 devices. Apps are available for mobile on iOS and Android, and desktop on Windows and Mac.


Bria is quick and easy to set up as 2talk have integrated with Bria - you simply log in using the details we supply to you.

To order a license

Ensure that the 'personal details' section of your portal is up to date and your name is listed correctly

Open a support ticket and supply the following information for each user license you require:

  • The first and last name of each user - this is used to create the users' Bria account

  • The email address of each user - must be unique per user and users must have full access to this address for password resets and setup emails

  • The phone numbers you want added to each user (up to 2 numbers per user)

For business users requesting multiple licenses

  • Whether you require presence enabled or not
  • Whether you want TLS enabled or not

Please Note:

When your number is setup on Bria it will be provisioned on our new platform and any other VoIP devices associated with that number will need a configuration change

Some advanced cloud features such as Peering, registered trunking, MS Teams, and faxing will be unavailable. 

Presence: all numbers, whether registered to a Bria client or IP phone, will be able to be subscribed to from IP phones for BLF notifications. Bria presence however will only show the presence of the other Bria users in your roster and will not be able to monitor desk phone presence or BLF status.


Setting up your Bria Softphone

Once we receive a support ticket from your account with the required details above we will provision your licenses.

When we provision Bria for, we generate an account which can be used to log into the Bria Softphone client.

Once your account is generated a welcome email will be sent to each end user to setup their credentials.  The email will include links for downloading of the Bria client on to the users preferred device.

The client will automatically have the requested phone number(s) setup in it based on what was supplied in the ticket request.


Wholesale pricing is also available, please contact 2talk partners for more information.