1. Voice
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Call Quality with 2talk

Great call quality is very important so at 2talk we make sure we are using the best quality audio codecs where possible. We also tag our traffic with QoS markings that ensure the traffic is prioritised when traversing networks.


On-Net calls:

With on-net calls (calls between 2talk numbers) 2talk can ensure the best audio quality is used. If the customers device supports HD codecs such as G.722 we will use this codec for these calls.


Off-net calls:

Although most carriers will only support G.711a/u codecs on interconnects  2talk use QoS audio markings to ensure voice traffic is prioritised and where available prefer HD quality codecs. G.711a/u is still a good quality codec it is however not HD which you get with on on-net calls using codecs such as g.722


Using our broadband:

Using 2talk supplied broadband is another way to ensure that your voice is the best it can be as we have full control of the traffic and can ensure that QoS traffic markings are guaranteed. If a 3rd party is used we can not guarantee the QoS traffic markings for voice will be honoured.