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Fanvil x4 Autoprovisioning

Here is how to provision a Fanvil Phone to connect to 2talk

It is suggested to use the most recent firmware recommended by the manufacturer. For firmware files and the Fanvil upgrade URL please visit http://www.fanvil.com/Support/download/id/72.html. Older firmware versions may not autoprovision for security reasons.

Zero touch provisioning:
Configure your router for DHCP option 66. Use the string provided on the device provisioning page as the value for your DHCP option 66 setting. After obtaining a DHCP lease from your router the IP phone will begin the autoprovisioning process.

Manual provisioning via the web interface:

  1. Connect your PC to the same local network as the IP phone.
  2. Obtain the IP address of the phone by selecting 'Status' from the LCD menu screen of the device.
  3. Input this IP into the address bar of your web browser. The default login username is 'admin' and the default login password is 'admin'.
  4. Select 'System/Auto Provision'.
  5. Input the provisioning URL obtained on the device provisioning page of your portal into the 'Server Address' field, Set the 'Update Mode field to 'Update After Reboot' and select 'Save and Apply'.
  6. Select 'AutoProvision Now' from the top menu bar to complete the process. The phone will reboot up to three times before provisioning is complete.