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Getting your Yealink Device ready to Auto Provision with 2talk

Use this guide to get your Yealink device provisioned to 2talk.

To get your new Yealink device up and running with 2talk via the Device Provisioning module in the 2talk portal you will need to first ensure it is on the latest firmware release or at a minimum on a version which is compatible with our provisioning processes. Generally we recommend version 72 and above.

Visit https://support.yealink.com/en/portal/home and search for the model number to find the latest firmware for your device. Download the latest .rom file that you find for this model.

To update the device, log into the web management by navigating to the local IP address of the device on your network. The default credentials are admin/admin. Navigate to Settings > Upgrade. Here you can upload the .rom firmware file to upgrade the device to the latest firmware.

Next you will need to set the Auto Provision Server URL to point at our provisioning server to retrieve it's configuration. Our provisioning server is:


Here are the instructions to set the provisioning URL:

1. First, we recommend you factory reset your handset using either the keypad menu (Menu/Settings/Advanced Settings/Reset to Factory) or in the web portal (Settings/Upgrade/Reset to Factory Setting).
2. Login to your handset. To find its IP address press Menu/Status on the Handset and record the IP Address of the phone.
3. Type the IP Address you see into a web browser and login to the phone. The default login is 'admin' and password is also 'admin'.
4. Next Click on 'Settings' and then 'Auto Provision'
5. In the 'Service URL' field enter 'https://yealink.2talk.co.nz'
6. Click the 'Confirm' button and then 'Autoprovision Now' to force an update.

The phone should reboot and download its configuration.  You will need to have added the device's MAC address to the Device Provisioning module in the 2talk Cloud PBX and assigned a number to the device for a configuration to be available.