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How do I move my phone number to 2talk

I have existing phone numbers - can I keep them when I move to 2talk Voice?

You can bring your current local number to 2talk. You should note that when a number is ported any associated service with the number could be disconnected*, so you may need to check with the current service provider if you are unsure of the affect porting will have on any service you still require. Once the porting is complete, we recommend that you contact your previous service provider to ensure that you will no longer be billed for any of their services that you no longer require. 

If you have any linked numbers or 'stepper' lines associated with the number(s) you wish to port you will need to provide instructions for these when you request the port to avoid rejection of your port by your current service provider.

*Commonly broadband connections are associated with a phone number, so these will be disconnected if the associated number is ported away. We are only able to port active numbers, so please do not request cancellation until the number port is complete. 

Q. What regions are supported?
A. You are able to port your numbers, in any of the New Zealand calling regions over to 2talk

Q. How to port your number
1. Log into your account via the 2talk web portal.
2. Select Manage Numbers from the left hand menu and then click the Manage Number Porting Button.
3. Select Port a NZ Local Number.
4. Fill out the fields as required. You will need to provide the following information:
Your current service provider
The number(s) you want to port including type
Your account number with your current provider
Your account name with your current provider
A notification email - we will use this email address to communicate with you during your port.
A preferred date for the port. Please note that we can only select AM and PM slots and that ports will only take place during business hours.
6. Once submitted your port will be processed and we will update you with service change over date or advise you if there are any issues.

Q. How Do I manage ports in progress
A. Once a port has been requested you can use the Manage Number Porting screen to view status. We will also advise status changes to the notification email you use when completing the porting form 

Q. Porting and Naked DSL
A. If you are planning a move to Naked DSL, you will need to let your Naked DSL provider know that you want to keep your existing phone line as part of the move.  Once the Naked DSL line is installed you should have your phone line as a standalone service.  You will then be able to port it to 2talk.  Please note that we do not advise attempting to port at the same time as this can result in your line being disconnected.  You can also request a 'customerlink' on your line once the move to Naked DSL is complete and once this is activated request the port to 2talk.

Q. How long does it take?
A. Number porting usually takes around 5 - 7 business days, but can take longer in some circumstances. We will liaise with you to ensure that the porting request is completed smoothly and with minimal disruption. Complex ports (such as port requests from 3rd party providers) require a longer notice period. Please contact support@2talk.co.nz for more information if you have a complex port.

Q. What does it cost?
A. The setup fee for  local number porting is $23 ($20 ex GST) per number ported.  This is a one-off fee.  2talk 20 and 2talk 30 includes 1 free local number port, 2talk Business Value includes 2 local free number ports and 2talk Business Go and 2talk Business Enterprise include 3 free local ports.