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Premium text services

Generally, any number you see advertised that has three, four or five digits is a Premium text number and will be priced differently (at a premium rate).

Premium text services are offered by third-party content providers in New Zealand and overseas.

When you enter competitions by text, text to vote on TV or radio shows, text to donate to a charity, or buy ringtones, wallpapers or games by text you’re texting a Premium text service. If you receive information updates (such as transport delays, weather information) or service alerts (like courier or food box delivery or banking or booking confirmations) on your mobile, you are interacting with a Premium text service.

Each service has its own unique short code. All texts from a short code must be initiated by you. You may also have signed up by providing your mobile number to your hair salon, bank, pet food delivery subscription service or gym and agreeing to receive reminder or marketing text messages.

Premium text messages are billed to your 2talk mobile account. As you’re liable for the calls, text and purchases that appear on your 2talk bill including those that are made by family and friends, even when made without your knowledge, it’s important to read the fine print of any Premium Service you opt in to receive. Look at the advertising for the service and be sure that you’re informed of the upfront cost and if there are any ongoing obligations such as subscription costs or opting in to receive promotional messaging.

What do Premium text services cost?

The cost of each premium text sent or received varies, and in some instances is free, depending on the service. 

The first welcome message of the service and the original advertising should clearly include the cost information upfront, and it should not be difficult to locate or hidden in the small print.

Premium text messages are billed to your 2talk mobile account. Calls or texts to Premium Services are not included in your plan text or calls allowance and will incur roaming charges if you text a Premium Service while you are overseas.

Who provides Premium text services?

Premium text services are managed by other companies and 2talk doesn’t accept responsibility for them, beyond making sure that they play fair and comply with our strict content standards.

If you feel you've not been fully informed about the price and content of a Premium Service that you've been billed for, you have the right to contest these charges. You can do this by contacting the service provider. 

How to stop Premium text messages

All Premium text services can be stopped by you at any time, by replying to the message you receive with the word STOP. If you continue to receive the content after you’ve sent the STOP message, then get in touch with the relevant business.

Before you send a text to a Premium text number (usually three or four digits), make sure you understand what you’re signing up to and what it’s going to cost. Some Premium text services offer a subscription, some offer a one-off service.