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What do I need to use 2talk Voice

2talk is a VoIP service that requires a broadband connection to work. You will also need a device to make calls from.

  1. You will need a Broadband connection to the internet. If you are on a metered plan remember that calls count towards your data usage. For best quality we recommend you use a 2talk broadband connection but this is not compulsory - you can use any good quality broadband connection.
  2. You will need a soft phone or a hardware device to connect to 2talk to make calls.  Hardware options include Softphones, IP PBXs, VOIP Gateways and VoIP Phones.    If you need assistance with hardware we can put you in touch with our nationwide reseller network.
  3. If there is a power cut in your home, your 2talk Voice service will not work, and you won't be able to make calls (including emergency 111 calls). If you’re in an area which is prone to power outages, and you’re heavily dependent on your landline phone, we suggest keeping a charged mobile handy in case of emergency.