What is a SIP Trunk

A SIP Trunk allows you to route multiple calls over the Internet to an IP capable PBX system.

2talk uses the SIP protocol to deliver calls to your PBX platform. If you do not have a SIP capable IP PBX, a SIP/ISDN Gateway or a VoIP Gateway then you should not use a SIP Trunk to connect to 2talk.

2talk SIP Trunks offer real time provisioning, are easily scalable and can be combined with our cloud PBX features such as Call Recording and Call Queueing.

2talk SIP Trunk Options

SIP Peering

A Peering Trunk enables a trusted network-to-network connection between your SIP PBX and the 2talk Voice Platform. The main advantage of Peering is greater flexibility of number routing within your onsite-PBX. To use Peering you will require a static IP address that is publicly routable.

Register Trunk

A Registered Trunk uses SIP Registration to connect your SIP PBX to the 2talk Voice Platform.  Once set up calls to numbers on the account will be sent to the device registered against the trunk pilot number.

Additional Connectivity Options

2talk also support the following Trunk types

Genesys Cloud BYOC Trunks

Twilio BYOC Trunks

Microsoft Teams Trunks