2talk Pre Pay

2talk services are sold on a Pay as You Go basis. This means that you need to add prepaid credit to your account before purchasing any services.


  • You will need to ensure that you have added credit to your account either by making a credit card payment in the 2talk web portal or by making a direct credit payment
  • Any credit you add contributes to the cash balance on your account and can be used to fund your monthly fixed charges and any calling and services outside your plan.
  • The credit needs to be sufficient to cover your out of plan usage, your monthly rate plan and any add-ons such as mobile bundles and broadband services
  • As you use services during your bill month your cash balance will be debited to cover the cost of the services
  • On monthly bill cycle your monthly fees will also be deducted from your account
  • You can top-up your account manually or log in to your account and use a credit card to have your account automatically top-up or have your monthly fees automatically debited from your credit card



  • If Your Prepaid account balance falls into negative your services will be impacted
  • Some accounts are eligible for a short term IOU service which will enable limited functionality of your account
  • If your service remains unpaid it will automatically be suspended and then cancelled
  • We send reminder notices when this happens to the account holder email
  • Reconnection fees may be applicable if you wish to reactivate a suspended or cancelled account.  Not all services may be able to be reactivated.