How to Pay 2talk

Here is how to pay your 2talk Account.  Remember 2talk are a prepay service so you need to keep your account in credit.

Option One - Credit Card
With Credit Card payments customers initiate payment by logging into their account via 2talk live. We also offer automated payment options with credit cards.
Steps to load a credit card on an account are:
1. Log into the account via
2. Select the Your Details option
3. Enter credit card details. If you wish to have monthly charges automatically debited from the credit card ensure the Auto Debit option is checked. 
4. Click Update Details to save card
5. To manage account notifications and auto topup options select the Account Topup and Notifications link.
6. A GST receipt will be emailed to the email address on the account whenever funds are charged to the credit card.

Option Two - Direct Credit
With Direct Credit customers transfer funds into the 2talk bank account and payments are automatically loaded on to the customer account once the funds have cleared. Customers should allow 1 -2 business days for this process.
Steps to do this are:
1. Make a payment by bank transfer into the 2talk bank account.
     Please make payment to:
     2Talk Limited
2. You MUST use either your 2talk account number on the account as the reference on the payment. Failure to do so will mean your payment will not be loaded onto your account.
3. A GST receipt will be emailed to the email address on the account once the payment is loaded on the account.