Scam and Nuisance Calls or Texts

At 2talk we take unwanted calls and texts very seriously and recommend taking precautions if you receive unsolicited calls and texts. 

Regardless of whether you’ve experienced or seen an internet, phone or other type of scam, you should report all attempted and successful scams to Netsafe. Netsafe takes reports of all scams — whether they’re on the ‘net or not.

Reporting phishing and scams is worthwhile as it can affect people’s finances and privacy and can impact trust and confidence. Netsafe annually receives reports that add up to tens of millions of dollars lost to scams and fraud. When you report a scam, it helps build New Zealand’s resilience and strengthens our collective security.

Scam Calls

New Zealand, like many other countries, is targeted by off-shore based phone scammers calling or texting national landline and mobile users. The scammers attempt to persuade anyone who answers their call, or receives their text, to cooperate in some way. Their objective is to extract funds from the recipient by deception or extortion and often involves obtaining remote access to victim's computer and stealing internet banking details or convincing the victim to make a payment to an offshore account.

What do I do if I receive such calls?

If you are contacted by someone you suspect is a scammer, we want to hear from you as soon as possible. That way we can work with the industry to try and block the scam and prevent it from impacting others. The best way to let us know is by opening a support ticket in your account to let us know

  1. Date and time of call:
  2. The number they called from (if possible):
  3. The number they called:
  4. Nature of call (what was said):

Nuisance Calls

We want to help you as much as possible to put an end to abusive, unwanted and malicious phone calls. With this process we will require your cooperation in obtaining relevant details related to the call and caller. These calls are understandably difficult to deal with and we wish to immediate concerns arising from such calls.

What do I do if I receive such calls?

If you are receiving such calls, the first step of action is to log all unwanted calls with the details listed below:

  1. Date and time of call:
  2. The number they called from (if possible):
  3. The number they called:
  4. Duration of call:

We recommend collecting 3-5 examples within a 48-72 hour period. Once you have collected this information open a support ticket in your account and supply the detail.

Handy Hint

Remember for 2talk VoIP calls if you know the phone number that made the call you can use the 2talk Blacklist feature in the Caller ID and Rejections setting page to block any further calls from that number.

Phishing or scam texts

Don’t reply to any phishing or scam texts you receive. It’s best not to respond as this indicates to the scammer they have a ‘live’ connection. Some scammers run a premium-rate number which could be costly if you reply.

Instead report text message scams to the Department of Internal Affairs by forwarding the message free to 7726 (SPAM).


If the calls or texts are of a threatening nature or you believe your health and safety is at risk, please contact the New Zealand Police immediately on 111.