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  2. SIM Swap - migration to 2degrees network

Why is this happening?

You might have heard the news – last year we merged with the team over at 2degrees. Now that we’re all one family, your 2talk mobile will soon be powered by the 2degrees Network.  

Because we’re on the same team now, to keep your mobile service running, we will be switching your mobile number over to the network powered by 2degrees.

To make this change you need to swap your 2talk Mobile SIM card as your current one will no longer work after 20th October 2023.

What’s going to change? 

Largely, the way you use your phone today, won’t change. You’ll continue to be a 2talk Mobile customer, you’ll just see ‘2degrees’ in the top right corner of your phone screen, instead of what’s there today. 

Will my mobile plan change?

There will be no change to your current plan as part of the SIM swap. You can continue to manage your services via the 2talk web portal like you do today. 

Will I be a 2degrees mobile customer after the change?

No, you’ll still be a 2talk Mobile customer and will be charged on your 2talk invoice, just as you are today. The difference is that we’ll be delivering your mobile service over the 2degrees network.

Terms and conditions

There are some changes to terms and conditions with your updated SIM. You can read about these here

Please be aware that by activating your SIM swap you agree to these new terms and conditions.

What are my options if I don’t want to swap SIMs? What if I do nothing?

If you don’t want to swap your SIM card, it will stop working after 20 October 2023 which will result in your 2talk mobile plan ending and you losing access to 2talk mobile services.