1. Mobile
  2. SIM Swap - migration to 2degrees network

Will my mobile billing change?

There won't be any changes to your plan so you won’t notice anything different about your plan data, texts and calls.

There will be no change to your current plan as part of the SIM swap.

You’ll still be a 2talk Mobile customer and will be charged on your 2talk invoice, just as you are today. The difference is that we’ll be delivering your mobile service over the 2degrees network.

You can continue to manage your services via the 2talk web portal like you do today, this includes adding or removing fast data packs and ordering additional services.

If you swap to your new SIM partway through your bill cycle your usage will not reset.  For example if you have a 50GB Fast Data pack and have used 10GB at the time of swapping to your new SIM you will still have 40GB left to use.